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Golf Hitting Mat For Swing Detection
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Golf Hitting Mat For Swing Detection

?Detection of hitting marks
?Effective analysis of pole drop point

  • A good batting mat can play the role of a batting mat. It can also detect the trajectory of the ball.
  • Strong and wear-resistant, no wear and tear after repeated batting
  • Easy to clean. The marks left by the hitting can be easily removed with ball arm.


?Real-time detection of your batting trajectory
Wedges practice
Practice indoors and outdoors,easy to store

?Show trajectory

After hitting the ball will leave the trajectory

can effectively analyze the pole drop point

?High quality crystal velvet

use soft crystal velvet to reduce friction damage hit resistant

?The mark left by the batting

Can be easily eliminated with ball arm

??Non-slip rubber bottom

Increase fitting ground effect of hitting mat

not easy to move when swinging, durable

??Practice anytime,anywhere

Practice in offices,homes,corridors,schools,indoor practice ranges

Small footprint, convenient storage

?Product information

  • Material: SBR
  • Specification: 60*30*0.7 cm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Color: green
  • Features: no deformation, eco-friendly and no odor, leaving the club contact track when swinging.


  • Crtstal velvet is used to clearly display the hitting route and improve training effect.
  • The high-quality rubber bottom increases fitting ground effect of hitting mat, not easy to move when swinging.

?Package includes

  • 1 *?Golf Hitting Mat For Swing Detection
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